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Incorporated Patches

The following patches have been incorporated into the curren version of mutt.

External Address Query

This patch allows one to write external scripts to connect a directory database (such as LDAP or ph) to mutt.

First Version: 0.90.11
Current Version: 0.92.1
Author: Brandon Long
README - PATCH 0.91 - PATCH 0.92.1
ldapsearch wrapper by Marc de Courville - passwd wrapper - ph wrapper
ph wrapper for UIUC by Dan Sachs

Delete Attachments

Do you tire of someone sending you some ridiculously large excel spreadsheet or gzipped core file? You want to save the rest of the message, but that extraneous attachment has just got to go? Well, this patch is for you. It adds the delete-entry function to the attachment menu, allowing you to delete attachments with ease. Some limitations apply, the code is still alpha and tricky, be prepared for corrupted mailboxes, your mileage may vary.

First Version: 0.77
Last Version: 0.92.1
Author: Brandon Long
PATCH 0.91 - PATCH 0.92.1

Color text/enriched

This patch has two parts, one adds support to the internal pager for interpreting ANSI character attributes, including colors. This allows auto_view and built-in handlers to pass color information to the pager. The second part of the patch is an improvement to the built-in text/enriched handler to support most tags including the color tag.

First Version: 0.79
Last Version: 0.81
Author: Brandon Long

Autoview MIME Support

This patch adds the ability to allow mutt to automatically view attachments in the pager which can be converted to text. This allows the use of external filters for such things as text/html and text/enriched, as well as the possibility of viewing the contents of zip and tar files, or even using the pbm tools to convert images to text. It uses the RFC1524 mailcap support to specify how to handle the attachments.

This patch is now out of date, as this code (in a slightly modified form) was added to mutt in version 0.72

First Version Patched: 0.59.1
Current Version: 0.60
Author: Brandon Long
PGP Effects: None
README - PATCH - mailcap - enriched2html.c - - RunningX.c

MIME MUA take 2

This patch attempts to extend mutt's useability as a MIME capable MUA by allowing extended commands for handling attachments. Using the rfc1524 capability of Mutt, this patch allows you to print/filter/pipe/edit/compose attachments for sending. One goal of this would be to allow you to exchange email where the body is an image/gif or text/html as easily as you can do so in text/plain. This is a step in that direction.

This patch includes the MIME Autoview support. This patch is now out of date, as this code (in a slightly modified form) was added to mutt in version 0.72

First Version Patched: 0.63.1
Current Version: 0.69v5
Author: Brandon Long
PGP Effects: None directly, but export version may require hand patching