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From: unknown
Subject: Drug Dealers and Software Engineers - a Comparison (fwd)

  ---------------------------      ---------------------------
  Drug dealers                     Software developers
  ---------------------------      ---------------------------
 Refer to their clients            Refer to their clients 
 as "users".                       as "users".
 "The first one's free!"           "Download a free trial
 Have important South-East         Have important South-East 
 Asian connections                 Asian connections
 (to help move the stuff).         (to help debug the code).
 Strange jargon:                   Strange jargon: 
 "Stick," "Rock,"                  "SCSI," "RTFM," 
 "Dime bag," "E".                  "Java," "ISDN".
 Realize that there's              Realize that there's 
 tons of cash in the               tons of cash in the 
 14- to 25-year-old                14- to 25-year-old 
 market.                           market.
 Job is assisted by the            Job is assisted by 
 industry's producing              industry's producing 
 newer, more potent mixes.         newer, faster machines.
 Often seen in the company         Often seen in the company of 
 of pimps and hustlers.            marketing people and venture
 Their product causes              DOOM. Quake. SimCity. 
 unhealthy addictions.             Duke Nukem 3D.
                                   'Nuff said.
 Do your job well, and             Damn! Damn! DAMN!!! 
 you can sleep with
 sexy movie stars who
 depend on you.  

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