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Just a little something that appeared on a local newsgroup, uiuc.general.
For those of you who aren't Unix people, pine and tin are two full screen unix terminal programs for reading mail and news.
From: Joe Gross 

aghosh at (RAVEN) writes:

>hey there. what is the difference between pine and tin.

Pine is a tree of the genus Pinus, or of various allied coniferous genera;
comprising trees, mostly of large size, with evergreen needle-shaped
leaves, of which many species afford valuable timber, tar, and turpen-
tine, and some have edible seeds.

Tin is one of the well-known metals, nearly approaching silver in white-
ness and lustre, highly malleable and taking a high polish; used in the
manufacture of articles of block tin, in the formation of alloys, as
bronze, pewter, etc., and, on account of its resistance to oxidation,
for making tin-plate and lining culinary and other iron vessels.

>are there any
>disadvantages/advantages to tin.

well, tin is rarely if ever found native, but occurs in two ores, the diox-
ide, SnO[2], called tin-stone or cassiterite, and, less commonly, in
tin-pyrites or sulphide of tin, SnS[2].  Chemically it is a dyad metal-
lic element, symbol Sn (stannum), atomic weight (O = 16) 119 (Internat.
Committee in Jrnl. Chem. Soc. Sept. 1912, 1832); sp. gr.  about 7.3.  In
Alchemy represented by the same sign ((omitted)) as the planet Jupiter.

Pine burns better.

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