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What they didn't tell me about newborns...

So, sure, they sleep all the time, except when they're eating, which is every couple hours. Especially when they're a little preemie like Nolan. So, not much sleep, sure. I'm a night owl anyways, I keep telling my wife "I'll take the midnight til 3am feedings, you can take the one's after that".

Except, newborns are normally nocturnal. They are most awake at night, supposedly they sleep during the day in the womb as mommie is moving around, and they wake up at night when things are quiet. So, a feeding that might take 20 minutes actually drags on for an hour or more of trying to get the kid to go back to sleep. In Nolan's case, he's happy to sleep in your arms, but not so happy to sleep in his crib... only at night. And I can't really sleep with him in my arms. Or rather, I probably could sleep, but it would be a really bad idea.

So, instead of 2.5 hours of sleep every 3 hours, its more like 1 hour of sleep every hour. Doesn't make for much sleep.

Haven't really found any solutions for the "only sleeps in my arms" part.

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